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  • Transitions Family Counseling and
    is located at 336 South Jackson Street Casper, WY. 82601 and can be contacted by calling 307-265-2555. Transitions Family Counseling and offers treatment services for Illicit Drug Addiction, Prescription Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, DUI - DWI Offenders, Court Appointed Client Services
    Payment Options: Insurance - Private Pay, Insurance - Military, Self Pay

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  • Research suggests that children of alcoholics exhibit such problems as lying, stealing, fighting, truancy, and school behavior problems, and they often are diagnosed as having conduct disorders.
  • According to the Task Force of the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an individual who has been arrested for drunk driving for the first time has driven drunk up to 80 times prior to their being caught.
  • A standard drink is any drink that contains about 14 grams of pure alcohol (about 0.6 fluid ounces or 1.2 tablespoons). This is the amount of alcohol usually found in: �'One 12-ounce beer �'One 4- to 5-ounce glass of wine �'One 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof liquor
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for over 79,000 deaths and 2.3 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) in the United States each year.

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